Professional athletes and a former boyband member are getting in on pot-related businesses, showing that celebrities are being increasingly lured by the growing marijuana industry, the Guardian reported.

There’s a growing list of celebrities not commonly associated with marijuana who are, nevertheless, turning up as investors in related endeavors, including former boyband star Nick Lachey, former NBA great Oscar Robertson, talk show host Montel Williams, singer Melissa Etheridge and current NFL defensive tackle Frostee Rucker, the Guardian article stated.

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“A lot of the celebrities that have invested so far, this has been their hobby for a long time,” Chris Walsh, the managing editor at Marijuana Business Daily, said to the Guardian. “Many are tied to cannabis on a personal level.”

Lachey, Robertson, and Rucker are all investors in the ResponsibleOhio campaign, a ballot initiative t his November in which Ohio voters will determine whether to legalize not just medical marijuana but recreational pot as well, the Guardian claimed, adding that Melissa Etheridge is helping create a line of cannabis-infused wines and Montel Williams opened a California-based medical marijuana dispensary in 2011.

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Cheryl Shuman, founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, has been inundated with celebrities’ requests to get involved with the marijuana industry, the Guardian article stated.

“Celebrities love cannabis. Seriously,” she was quoted by the Guardian. “This is the biggest investment opportunity in our lifetime. Much bigger than the dotcom boom ever was.”

A study from Marijuana Business Daily referenced in the report estimated that marijuana sales are expected within three years.

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