Whose collar is this? Place your bets!

Hackers made good on their promise/threat and dumped all the data they stole from cheating website Ashley Madison last night.

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Now the only question that remains is: What celebrity or public figure is going to be exposed first by this deluge of data?

This is the horrible and mildly entertaining question posed by some bookies in the UK called “Paddy’s Power.”


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Graham Cluley, a computer security blog, posted a press release from Paddy Power that advertised bookies providing the odds for what kind of public figure would be exposed first.

“The bookmaker offers 1/10 for a Premier League footballer to score an own goal and be named,” Paddy Power writes. “While it’s ¼ for a MP, or a regal ⅚ for a mischevious member of the royal family.”

So what’s it gonna be, folks? Place your bets!

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