Which city's singles drink the most?

East Coasters, turns out you are the biggest boozers.

As we approach one of the biggest drinking days of the year — and excuse for singles to make irrational decisions that they later blame on green beer — we examine the alcohol intake of our unattached friends across the country.


East Coasters, turns out you are the biggest boozers as we head into St. Patrick's Day. Interactive dating website HowAboutWe has designed an info graphic that lets us see just how intoxicated single people tend to get, based on how they answer the profile question "How much do you drink?"


NYC, Boston and Philadelphia are all rated as cities with "heavy drinkers." In that category, NYC is #2, Boston is #5 and Philly is #9. Washington D.C. is rated the #1 city for heavy drinks. We all know booze and politics go hand in hand. Other big drinking towns are Chicago, San Francisco and Austin.


The info graphic also breaks down drinkers by religion. Atheists and Agnostics are the biggest drinkers by quite a bit, with 39.9 percent and 38.5 percent respectively describing themselves as "heavy drinkers." Jewish singles follow with 30 percent self-proclaimed heavy drinkers. Catholics are next at 28 percent. Muslims singles were the least likely to describe themselves as heavy drinkers at just 17.3 percent.


When it comes to education, less is less in terms of alcohol. 51 percent of people who have a high school diploma or associates degree say they are light drinkers, and only 24 percent say they are heavy drinkers. 32 percent of bachelor's degree holders are heavy drinkers and 36 percent are light. There must be something maturing about a graduate degree because 40 percent of singles who have one say they are light drinkers — only 28 percent say they are heavy drinkers.

Believe it or not, women more frequently admit to being heavy drinkers at 28 percent compared to 27 percent of men. 43 percent of male singles say they are light drinkers, but only 41 percent of women do.

Now get out there and meet someone for a drink!

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