Chief Const. Jaime Graham boarded a yacht during Saturday night’s fireworks and personally arrested a drunk boater, Vancouver police said yesterday.

The outgoing chief was aboard the department’s nine-metre aluminum patrol boat, the R.G. McBeath with his wife Gail when they witnessed a near-miss collision between a vessel and an anchored sailboat.

The chief, whose term ends in August, arrested the operator while the VPD marine squad took control of the boat.


The incident was one of many on Saturday night — including someone firing pepper spray into the crowd — as more than 250,000 people flocked to the local beaches to watch Canada’s contribution to the annual HSBC Celebration of Light fireworks competition.

Const. Howard Chow said there were more than 430 liquor incidents, six fights, and 19 arrests.

But despite the ongoing municipal strike — including garbage collection — the beach the next morning was surprisingly clean, thanks in part to city managers and volunteers who helped clean up at 5 a.m.

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