The body of an AirAsia QZ8501 passenger, recovered from theJavaSea, is carried to REUTERS/Darren Whiteside

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The search continued for crashed AirAsia jet black box, and the tail was found


Investigators diving in the Java sea are hopeful that they will find the doomed AirAsia airplane’s black box after they discovered what is believed to be its tail, on the sea floor – underwater photos show the logo of the lost plane. Meanwhile rescue workers have retrieved more than 40 bodies as well as debris from the scene, working tirelessly despite dreadful weather conditions making it difficult to work.


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Beats by Dr Dre co-developer Monster is suing Beats Electronics for ripping it off over Apple deal


The audio equipment maker that joined forces with Beats Electronics to create the wildly successful and hugely lucrative Dr Dre Beats headphones is suing after it says it was cheated out of cash. Monster claims Beats unfairly sold shares in a ‘sham’ transaction with telecoms giant HTC–which it then bought back – in the meantime cutting Monster out of the deal and swindling the company out of a fortune, despite all the hard work they had put into developing the popular Dre cans.

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At least 30 killed by car bomb outside Yemen police college

A car bomb blast killed students, people enrolling for school and passers by outside a police college in the capital of Yemen. No group has yet made a claim for the blast which left behind a “catastrophic” scene, though reports suggested that it was a similar to other attacks by local al Qaeda groups.

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American Apparel promised no more lecherous bosses

After giving its controversial founding boss Dov Charney the boot last month, American Apparel is cleaning up its act. The fashion company, which is as well known for Charney’s sexual shenanigans as its fair-pay ethos – and its stretchy clothes–has updated its ethical code of conduct. From now on, employees will be protected from lecherous managers. Whether the label will tone down its overtly-sexual publicity photos remains to be seen.

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Nepal legally recognises third gender

The Himalayan country of Nepal has become one of a handful of countries to recognize transgender people. Now any citizen applying for a passport can identify themselves as male, female or ‘third gender’. Meanwhile, in neighboring India, the country’s first-ever transgender mayor was elected in the city of Raigarh in the mineral-rich state of Chhattisgarh, beating a candidate from the ruling party. Earlier in the year, India passed a ruling recognizing the third gender.

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