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Overnight, Alabama gay folk slept with their spouses​.Obama prepared to ask Congress for permission for ISIS strikes, while Greece prepared plans to ask the U.S. for money if its debt negotiations fail. India's ruling party was trounced by the Common Man at the polls.

(Some) Alabama gay couples woke up married

After the Supreme Court said "I do" to gay marriage, the first wave of gay weddings took place in Alabama, even though the conservative state attorney had placed a ban on gay matrimony. Some couples were thwarted as marriage license operators in more than 50 of the state's 67 counties refused to issue licenses or just closed up shop for the day.


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Obama planned to ask for formal permission for ISIS strikes

By Wednesday, Obama is set to ask Congress for formal authorization for strikes on Islamic State militants. If lawmakers give the go-ahead, they'll be able give parameters to the country's military intervention against ISIS in the Middle East.

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Greece planned to ask us for cash

The new left-wing Greek government is still trying to wriggle out of a deal it made with the European Union when it was bailout a few years ago. It wants the EU to write off debts and cancel the austerity conditions it agreed to as part of the deal. If EU leaders say no, the government says it could go cap in hand to the U.S., Russia or China to raise funds for its cash-strapped nation.

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India's ruling party was hammered at the polls

The rulers were beaten by the common man in India today, where the anti-establishment "Common Man" party won 90 percent of the votes in elections to the Delhi state assembly. It's a huge blow for the ruling party, which will now hold even less sway in the upper house of India's parliament where state lawmakers make the rules.

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