A teddy bear is seen by a puddle of blood at the site of recent shelling in the reREUTERS/Gleb Garanich

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As your alarm went off, four leaders hoped for Ukraine peace as more soldiers died. It turned out to be true that Kayla Mueller had died, and false that Brian Williams was in an Iraq chopper strike.

Obama planned to bring Ebola-fighting U.S. troops home. Apple planned a solar-powered energy-bill cut.

Four leaders awaited Ukraine peace talks


Today Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with leaders from France, Germany and Ukraine to try to hash out a peace deal for the Ukraine crisis. Meanwhile rebel separatists who want eastern Ukraine to join Russia, killed 19 Ukrainian soldiers this morning.

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Obama wanted to bring back troops from Ebola-hit countries

The Ebola epidemic is starting to wane, with 150 new cases reported every day, compared to the 1,000 cases at the height of the crisis. So Obama is set to announce today that 1,200 of the U.S. troops deployed in West Africa will be brought home, leaving 100 behind to help out.

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It was confirmed that Kayla Mueller had died

Government officials and Kayla Mueller's family confirmed that the 26-year-old aid worker is dead, but it is not clear whether or not she was killed in last week's Jordan strikes on ISIS targets as the Islamic militant group had claimed. Meanwhile, it was revealed that ISIS hold other U.S. hostages.

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Brian Williams was suspended over his chopper fib

The anchor was given a six-month unpaid time-out from his role at NBC after he confessed at the weekend that he hadn't really been shot at in a helicopter in Iraq. It's a pretty serious offense for a newscaster on a network that purports to report serious news, rather than just invent the 'facts' relating to foreign news like some others do...

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Apple scored record value and cheap energy bills

Apple is planning to buy solar energy from a California plant to power its offices, stores and new Silicon Valley campus. In doing so, not only is the computer giant doing its bit for the environment, it will also save a huge amount on its energy bills, no doubt further hiking up its already-extraordinary profits.

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