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Before you crawled out of bed today, Samsung announced plans to take on Apple with its latest Galaxy S smartphone. Meanwhile, the U.S. calmed down a bit over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming Iran speech.

Iraq’s army and Shi’ite militias attacked a town right outside Baghdad, and AT&T prepared to sync up your home to your car’s dashboard.

Sleeker Samsung Galaxy may rival iPhone


In hopes of reestablishing itself as the global leader of the smartphones, Samsung has unveiled its latest Galaxy S. The revamped gadget (designed using aircraft-grade metal) touts a slimmer body, overall smoother look, and significant camera and screen upgrades. It appears that Samsung is hoping to turn around its plummeting smartphone sales with the new product, which hits retailers on April 10. The new Galaxy S will also feature built-in mobile payment capabilities.

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With tensions running high over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming Iran speech, it looks as though the U.S. and Israel are diffusing the situation. Netanyahu, who arrived in the U.S. yesterday, is expected to warn against a possible nuclear deal with Iran in the forthcoming speech. Israel is concerned over Iran ultimately developing atomic weapons. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says Washington deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to reaching a potential nuclear deal with Iran.

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The biggest military operation in the Sunni Muslim province of Salahuddin took place last night. Iraqi armed forces, who were supported by Shi’ite militias, attacked the Islamic State stronghold. The offensive is significant since Sunni Islamist radicals had taken over the region last June.

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Want to control things like your home alarm system, thermostat settings, and living room lighting from your car? Thanks to new technology from AT&T, drivers will be able to do just that – right from their car’s dashboard. The communications giant has announced plans to connect car and smart home technologies, which will allow users to unlock doors and even turn on coffee makers from the driver’s seat. The capabilities will be provided through AT&T’s Mobile Share Value plan.

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