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Good morning.

Before you checked your phone this morning, Russian prez Putin was taking calls from his people.

A year later, China and Malaysia offered to extend the search for the crashed Malaysia Airlines flight, while South Korea failed the relatives of the sunk Sewol ferry.

A mailman landed on the U.S. Capitol's lawn, while Gisele hit the runway for the last time.


Putin took calls

The Russian president is still taking calls, on everything from local housing issues to international conflicts, on his annual national TV phone-in. He gave a two-year timeline for the country's ailing economy to get back on track.

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Governments promised an extended crash search

The governments of China, Australia and Malaysia aren't going to give up on the hunt for the Malaysia Airlines aircraft that went missing last March. If no wreckage is found in the current search zone, they'll extend the area of ocean to be explored by 23,000 square miles.

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A ferry disaster memorial was canceled

The South Korean government has been so poor in its response to the Sewol ferry disaster in which 304 died that the victims' families cancelled today's anniversary events in protest.

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A mailman's landing landed him in jail

A Florida mailman who was trying to deliver letters to members of Congress, was jailed after landing a gyrocopter on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol. He's protesting about campaign financing.

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Gisele said ciao to the catwalk

The 34-year-old mom of two, NFL wag and world's highest-paid model, has retired from the catwalk, 20 years after her first show. She wants more family time, hopefully not in order to dish out more parenting advice.

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