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This happened: Nepal shook with a new quake, Kerry prepared to meet Putin, a blogger was murdered, a painting smashed a world record, Game of Thrones fans ate offal

Local residents evacuate onto a street minutes after an earthquake in centralKathmREUTERS/Athit Perawongmetha

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Before you woke up, 14 died in a new Nepal quake and a Bangladeshi free speech blogger was killed in a machete attack and Kerry prepared for Putin talks.


A Picasso painting was the most expensive ever sold, as sales of Game of Thrones-style food and drink soared.


14 died in a new Nepal quake


Two weeks after it was devastated by a huge earthquake, Nepal shook with a new tremor that was so strong it was felt in neighboring India. So far 14 are reported dead.

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John Kerry arrived in Russia

President Putin's support for Syria's ruling regime and the Ukraine crisis are on the agenda during the Secretary of State's first trip to Russia since the start of the Ukraine troubles.

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A Bangladeshi blogger was killed

A banker who wrote for a secular, anti-radicalism blog was hacked to death by Islamic militants. He's the third free speech blogger to be killed in a machete attack.

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A Picasso was the most expensive painting

A painting that sold for $179.4m at Christies New York auction house. It's the highest price ever fetched at auction, making it the most expensive painting in the world.

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Game of Thrones banquetting boomed

British fans of the historical fantasy series are trying out Westeros cuisine, slurping down medieval mead and chowing on offal. A British supermarket says it has seen a spike in sales of ox liver, meat bones and oxtail since the start of the latest series a month ago.

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