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You've probably had a better start to the day than Sepp Blatter after his former VP vowed to unleash an 'avalanche' of FIFA secrets. Or the families of Chinese shipwreck victims who stormed police lines after being kept in the dark by authorities.

Meanwhile, deadly clashes challenged Ukraine's ceasefire, while IKEA's boss promised to fight climate change.

Sotheby's New York showcased a $12m supercar for those looking for a spot of extreme window-shopping.


Jack Warner promised an 'avalanche' of FIFA revelations

After being charged as part of the FIFA corruption charges, the federation's former Vice President promised to reveal all. He says he has documents that show FIFA's involvement in elections in Trinidad and Tobago. His offerings come after revelations that whistleblower Chuck Blazer said he's accepted bribes over 1998 and 2010 World Cups. Australia and England are offering to host one in 2020 if Qatar is stripped of its bid in the investigations.

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China shipwreck families demanded answers

Angered by the lack of communication from local authorities, families of the victims of the Yangtze River disaster stormed a police roadblack to access the rescue site. The boat's owner has docked another boat as an investigation into their fleet is launched.

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The Ukraine truce was trounced

Tensions in Ukraine are rising ahead of crisis talks. Fighting has broken out between Kiev forces and pro-Russia rebels as both sides blame the other for defying the ceasefire.

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IKEA went sustainable as well as disposable

The world's biggest furniture retailer is set to spend $1.1bn tackling climate change. It plans to invest in renewable energy and dish out cash to nations suffering from floods and desertification.

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A $12m car went on show in New York

Just 64 McLaren F1 supercars exist, including those garaged by Jay Leno and Ralph Lauren. Now you can own one too, if you have a spare $12m for the one on show at Sotheby's New York. It's a bargain really – especially if you compare it to the 1962 Ferrari GTO that sold last year for $38m.

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