U.S. President Barack Obama toasts with beer as he visits Kruen, Germany June 7, 2015REUTERS/Daniel Karmann/Pool

Good morning

Or should that be 'Have A Nice Day', as urged by the two New York convicts who escaped a New York jail? As they remained on the loose, Germany told G7 leaders to go toughen up on climate change, while South Korea attacked a killer MERS outbreak.

The British PM told his party's MPs back him on Europe, or leave, while migrants were rescued from Europe's biggest sea.

Apple prepared to reveal smartwatch software and a music service.As Kate Moss was escorted from a flight, people were more shocked that she traveled by budget airline.


Merkel tackled climate change

After a breakfast of beer and wurst with Barack, Germany's "climate Chancellor" led a focus on climate change at the G7 summit she's hosting. She wants leaders of Britain, Japan, U.S., Canada, Italy and France to set tough targets ahead of UN climate change conference later this year.

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Apple planned a software launch

Mac devotees are getting overexcited about the prospect of a new music service, which Apple is expected to reveal at a developer conference today. The computer giant will also be showing new software kit so developers can create new apps for the Apple Watch.

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South Korea fought MERS

Six more people have died in the outbreak that has killed 87 so far in total, mainly in hospital 'super-spreading events'. 2,000 schools are closed as part of the efforts to stem the virus that has no cure.

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Mediterranean migrants were on dry land

The flood of migrants trying to reach Europe in overstuffed, unsafe boats, continues as an international flotilla of ships rescued 5,900 over the weekend. Italy is struggling to cope with the numbers arriving at its ports.

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Britain's PM demanded EU membership support

David Cameron told the British public a referendum on the country's membership of the European Union ahead of recent elections. He's just told his party Eurosceptic MPs that they need to back his 'in' vote, or they're 'out'

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Kate Moss was kicked off a plane

The British supermodel was escorted from a plane by police after behaving badly on a flight back from a girls' holiday in Turkey. After being refused liquor by airline staff, she went for the self-service option, drinking from a bottle of vodka she had brought on board, then called the pilot a "basic bitch" as she was led away at Luton Airport. So far, people have been more shocked that she was traveling on budget airline EasyJet, rather than her near miss with jail.

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