The disclosure of a trove of confidential U.S. diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks is perfectly legal, a spokesman for the whistle-blowing website said yesterday.

Kristinn Hrafnsson said people had a right to know what officials working on their behalf were doing and dismissed concern that the publication of classified U.S. communications would damage cooperation between countries: “If global stability is based on deception and lies, maybe it needs a bit of a shaking up.”

WikiLeaks has shaken the diplomatic world by publishing excerpts of more than 250,000 confidential cables. The disclosures have angered the United States by exposing the inner workings of U.S. diplomacy.

Leaked:?Iraq War inquiry for show

LONDON – Britain’s government gave secret assurances to Washington it would limit the scope of an inquiry into the Iraq war to protect U.S. interests, according to diplomatic messages leaked by a whistle-blowing website.

U.S. embassy cables obtained by WikiLeaks reported a British official, Jon Day, as telling U.S. officials in 2009 that Britain had “put measures in place to protect your interests” during the inquiry.

Critics have long argued that former Prime Minister Blair promised former President Bush that Britain would support military action to get rid of Saddam Hussein, and then exaggerated intelligence about weapons of mass destruction.

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