Who is Michelle Wolf, comedian who roasted Sarah Huckabee Sanders
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Who is Michelle Wolf?  For those who may not follow comedy, it might something you’re asking after her 20-minute monologue during the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner this past weekend.

On Saturday, many people witnessed comedian Michelle Wolf roast White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders during the annual event.

Many people thought her routine was brilliant and hilarious, while others, including Margaret Talev, chairman of White House Correspondents' Association, criticized Wolf for her routine.

Despite the backlash, the comedian is receiving from her jokes at the WHCD, celebrities and other comedians took to Twitter to praise and defend her routine. 


Michelle Wolf complete remarks WHCD

Her segment about Sarah Huckabee Sanders begins around the 13:15 mark. 

If you watched Wolf’s routine you may have noticed Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ reactions when cameras cut to her during Wolf’s monologue. Her reactions were cringeworthy.


If you’re just now hearing about the comedian who took aim at President Trump, Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders for roughly 20 minuted during the White House Correspondents' Dinner but still don’t know who she really is, we’re here to help.

Who is Michelle Wolf?

Michelle is comedian originally from Hershey, Pennsylvania, and is best known for her contributions as a writer on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah." As a comedian, she’s known for her deadpan style and her routines cover the spectrum ranging from dating to her take on politics. 

In 2014, she made her first television stand-up appearance on "Late Night with Seth Meyers."

Who is Michelle Wolf?: Comedian who roasted Sarah Huckabee Sanders at White House Correspondence Dinner

Months later she appeared on his as a grown-up version of Little Orphan Annie, where the two talked about what she has been up to during the segment.

Michelle Wolf as Little Orphan Annie

In 2015, she wrote and starred in the Comedy Central web series, "Now Hiring," where she interviews candidates for a tech company. 

Comedy Central "Now Hiring" web series

Aside from performing at several comedy clubs around the country, the comedian joined "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" in 2016 as a writer  and is set to release her first HBO stand-up comedy special on May 4. 

Was Michelle Wolf arrested for bestiality?

In the wake of her White House Correspondents' dinner appearance, an image of a newspaper article began to circulate online featuring a story claiming the comedian was fired from Comedy Central and her stand-up routines were canceled because she pled guilty to bestiality charges. 

Michelle Wolf, a 30 year old aspiring comedian from Hershey, has pleaded guilty to charges of bestiality. Hershey Investigator, Dan Browlinski, told The Sun that several hundred images and videos of Miss Wolf engaging in illegal sexual intercourse with a number of male dogs was found on her hard drive.  Browlinski said that the police department was tipped off by an unnamed informant. Wolf graduated from Hershey High School in 2003, and the College of William & Mary in 2007 where she majored in Kinesiology. Wolf was sentenced to 12 months probation and a $1,100 fine.

According to Snopes, the newspaper clip was created using a fake newspaper generator app. Wolf was never arrested in 2015 on bestiality charges. It appears that someone created fake news and spread the image on social media to spread a vicious lie about the comedian. 

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