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What we know about Ahmad Khan Rahami so far

Who is Rahami? He likes cars and serves chicken.

Suspected terrorist Ahmad Khan Rahamiwas taken into police custody after an exchange of gunfireMonday morning in Linden, New Jersey.

Metro has collected all the background information now known about Rahami:

  • He was born in Afghanistan on Jan. 23, 1988.
  • His last known address is inElizabeth, New Jersey—where a backpack of pipe bombs was discovered on Sunday.
  • Rahami's family operates a restaurant called First American Fried Chicken on Elmore Avenue in Elizabeth, and lives above the eatery.
  • Last year, Rahami'sfather and brother sued the city of Elizabeth on grounds of ethnic discrimination because the city did not want them operating their restaurant 24 hours a day. A judge ruled in favor of the city, which required the restaurant to close at 10 p.m.
  • Following the judge's ruling, Rahami's brother returned to Afghanistan.
  • Rahamiis said to have a passion for cars, especially those suchas Honda Civics which he soupedup and raced, according to a neighbor.
  • He was described as friendly, and would sometimes give free fried chicken to customers.
  • He has reportedly made several trips to Afghanistan.

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