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Who's having the worst weekend this week?

JaMarcus Russell? House Democrats?

It's the weekend, which means it's time for the inaugural installment of our newest feature: Who's having the worst weekend? Let's run down the options:

»Former Oakland Raiders quarterback and codeine enthusiast JaMarcus Russell may have finally hit rock bottom: The "life coach" Russell had been working with to get himself back on track reportedly quit this week after failing to motivate the former #1 draft pick. When even people you pay to lift you out of your doldrums can't do it, you must be really down in the dumps!

»House Democrats were all happy Friday afternoon when they punked their GOP counterparts into voting against one of their own spending bills. That's all great! But then Congressional Republicans went ahead and passed a different deficit plan by Rep. Paul Ryan, so....good effort? (It should be noted that House Dems don't see things this way, and in fact are salivating over the attack ads they will be able to run against the Ryan plan, which they say will "end Medicare as we know it.")

»The producers of "Atlas Shrugged," finally got their labor of love into theaters, only to see it receive a 6% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

»Nikki Reed got her name in the headlines for a few minutes last week when she started dating "American Idol" hobo troubadour Paul McDonald — but now he's been kicked off the show! What's a girl to do? (Reed, by the way, is actually "pumped" about the elimination, according to McDonald. Girl, quit playin'.)

New poll numbers released this week must be pretty dispiriting for all the serious Republicans running for President. Sure, a new Gallup poll shows that President Obama is more unpopular than he's ever been, but another poll from Public Policy Polling shows Donald Trump riding the birther wave all the way to the top. 26 percent of Republicans said they would vote for the Donald in a hypothetical Republican primary, around ten points ahead of actual politicians Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. We don't think Trump's actually going to run, but he's clearly tapped into a wellspring of crazy among the GOP base — one that the serious candidates are going to have trouble winning over in the primaries.

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