Name: Scott Cavalheiro


Age: 20

Occupation: Actor/DJ/Student

He’s got his ear to the turntable, his head in the books, his face in ads and his heart in acting.

And he looks like former Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson.

“Once in Acapulco, these two gorgeous girls used me to get into this VIP booth in this high-class club under the alias of Kevin Richardson’s brother. I didn’t feel used until months later,” admits Scott Cavalheiro.

Cavalheiro is a classic case of arts versus the sciences. He’s pursuing an honours degree in psychology with a specialization in neurology at York University, and he’s a budding actor and model represented by Fulcher Agency in Toronto.

The 20-year-old Barrie boy has just landed a role in an independent film targeted for the Toronto International Film Festival, and he’s recently returned from a high profile acting workshop in Hollywood.

He’s appeared in ads for PlayStation 3 and a number of clothing companies too. And he DJs on the side.

Despite being infected with the acting bug after playing a ladybug in a Grade 3 play, Cavalheiro likes to play it safe, a guide perhaps for other angst-ridden youths contemplating career moves this summer.

“I realized that it wasn’t all that and a bag of potato chips,” he says when asked why he ditched his foray into acting school at Windsor University in favour of a more “practical” backup plan in the sciences.

“Psychology, specifically neuro-science, has been a passion of mine ever since I discovered that several people close to me have been chained to the reigns of mental illness,” he explains. “I feel, through brain research, methods other than medication and counselling can be discovered.”

Er, did someone say ER?

Guess that’s what makes Cavalheiro — a scholarship student mind you — Cavalheiro.

“The future is friendly, but it can also be a cause for concern if worry takes the place of embrace,” surmises Cavalheiro, who embraces acting first, the sciences second. “I feel I can accomplish both,” he says.

Ah, to be 20 again.