Name: Liza Fromer

Age: 37

Occupation: TV Host

“There’s nothing like starting the day looking at a big, drooly four-tooth grin — and that’s just my husband. ”

From Breakfast Television to having a baby to brandishing a sword, Liza Fromer will soon be back on the small screen with a new show that’s being filmed as we speak.

The List, produced by Cineflix Productions for the Slice channel, is about fulfilling life-long dreams and indulging in guilty pleasures. That’s basically a countrywide open casting call for adults gripped with an insatiable urge to tick off an item off their ultimate to-do list.

Running away to join the circus, bathing in diamonds, singing on stage with a huge rock band — it’s your wildest dreams come true.

Facilitating and participating in each dream is Fromer, who returns to TV after embarking on maternity leave a year ago this month. “Motherhood is amazing. I’ve been blessed with an absolutely fabulous little boy who laughs and smiles most the day,” says the 37-year-old host. “There’s nothing like starting the day looking at a big, drooly four-tooth grin — and that’s just my husband.”

The challenges of being a working mom parallel the challenges Fromer faces on the half-hour show. “I think being a mom doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of fun and adventure,” explains Fromer, who hasn’t lost an ounce of her sprightly persona.

How could she? She’s too busy sword fighting, flying upside down in a First World War plane, and writing and performing standup comedy, the latter of which proved to be the scariest adventure thus far, she says. Apparently, the guy before her had completely bombed.

Joining The List was a tough call for Fromer, who does miss the ol’ BT gang at Citytv. But after 16 years in the biz (she previously worked at A-Channel in Calgary, The Weather Network and YTV), the desire for change is understandable, even if it means juggling motherhood with four-day work weeks peppered with travel across Canada.

When asked what she’ll do when The List wraps in December, Fromer zings, “my laundry.” Add to that her mainstay in life — “A good glass of wine at the end of the day makes anything possible” — and you have the ingredients for what promises to be a show that’s rich with reckless abandon fronted by a fearless host.

Perhaps it’s not too late to get in on one of the 26 episodes of The List. Log onto more information, or better yet, shoot the producers an e-mail about the fantasy you want fulfilled at

The List debuts this October.