Ryan Fujiki photo


Ryan Fujiki photo


Name: Tara Slone

Occupation: Singer/ Songwriter

Just Look Pretty and Sing sounds like Pink blasting a sexist music industry responsible for churning out cosmetic Barbie doll-like performers.

But it’s actually the title of Canadian rocker Tara Slone’s debut album, and its words — inspired by insulting real-life comments — are what drove Slone to keep plugging away after making it into the Top 10 of the TV show, Rock Star: INXS.

“I’ve learned that maintaining my inner confidence and not relying on external feedback to prop me up is key,” says Slone. “It’s a struggle in this business to trust oneself and maintain a balanced mind.”

As viewers may recall, J.D. Fortune won, while Slone was cut at No. 6. Fans might also remember her brash take on the David Bowie chestnut, Suffragette City, which has been included on her new CD.

“This (CD) is my baby and it means the world to me. I put my heart and soul into it, and put my proverbial ass on the line,” confesses Slone, who has just completed a mini tour that wrapped at Toronto’s Lee’s Palace last Saturday. Prior dates included intimate, acoustic (“all coffee, no beer”) showcases at Chapters stores across Canada.

Travelling and charting new ground is nothing new for Slone. The singer/ songwriter hails from Montreal, grew up in Halifax, and is a classically trained, Buddhist, poutine-loving Habs fan, who worked in the classical department of Sam the Record Man through high school.

Her gritty, yet angelic-sounding voice was also heard fronting the ill-fated alternative band, Joydrop, which parted ways in 2002 after Tommy Boy Records folded.

Slone, however, has resurrected the song, American Dreamgirl from Joydrop’s sophomore release, Viberate on Look Pretty. A collaboration with long-time friend, Jordon Zadorozny (Sam Roberts, Hole and Melissa Auf der Mar), Look Pretty is sheer rock ballast as exemplified by the bilingual lead track My Little Secret.

“The best part of having a music career is the music. The worst part is the business,” says Slone. No secret there.

Just Look Pretty and Sing is available in Canada on The Orange Record Label/ Universal.