Extreme Fitness photo


Name: Neno Vojinovic


Age 35

Occupation: Health & Fitness Facility Manager

Square jawed, sculpted bod, stylishly coiffed and clothed, all-round chick magnet. I can’t stand him already. But the camera sure loves him.

And so did the small screen, for a while. With roles in Earth Final Conflict, Relic Hunter, and most notably as Mentz, the under cover mission operative in Le Femme Nikita from 1997 to 2001, Neno Vojinovic was off and running as one of Toronto’s hottest new actors.

“I got my first acting break when I was waiting in a line up with a girl I was dating for a movie audition.

“The line was taking so long that I asked if there was a possibility of getting ahead when a casting director asked if I’d be interested in taking a photo. I said, ‘yes,’ and that’s when my acting career started,” says Vojinovic.

Movie roles in Ladies Man, Detroit Rock City and Darkness Falling landed into his lap too.

9/11 and SARS, however, cast an abrupt shadow over the local film and TV industry. Gigs dried up, and Vojinovic, who had also chalked up a rather impressive modeling portfolio, opted to turn a new page proving there is life after the limelight fades.

Enter the health and wellness industry. The 35-year-old is on board as a manager at a stylish, new, super-sized, three-floor loft-like gym in the heart of Queen West.

“It’s a great feeling working for one of the best health facilities in the industry,” Vojinovic says. “The adjustment has been very easy. I’ve been training for most of my life, so why not do something I love most as a career?”

Twelve hour days stacked alongside his six-pack go hand in hand, it seems, as does a fresh outlook on life.

“Just be honest with yourself, know what you want, and work hard to get it,” advises Vojinovic when pressed for career advice. “Shoot for the stars and seize the day.”

And on that note, you can’t help but wonder if a casting director for a Canadian version of C.S.I. might have Vojinovic in the back of his mind.


vacation tips

Many employees find it difficult to unwind and forget about work when on vacation. Here are a few tips from The Creative Group staffing firm to help relinquish work duties and focus on a relaxing vacation.

  • Time it right. If possible, schedule vacations when your workload will be light — before major projects begin or soon after they’re completed.

  • Spread the word. Tell clients and customers about your vacation plans and provide the names of colleagues to contact in your absence. Use your e-mail’s “out-of-office” function to let people know you’re away.

  • Designate a point of contact. Ask a trusted colleague to take charge of projects while you’re on vacation and offer to return the favour. Provide clear instructions on what to expect and how to handle certain types of situations.

  • Establish office hours. If you must check in with the office, plan ahead. Provide your team with the days and times you’ll be checking messages so you can avoid interruptions or the feeling that you’re “on call.”

  • Unplug. While it’s tempting to bring your laptop or PDA with you, consider leaving these devices at home unless absolutely necessary. If you bring them, leave them in your hotel room, or wherever you are staying, and only check them periodically.

  • Seek extra support. Hiring temporary staff can help ensure projects stay on track while you’re away, especially if your team is already operating at maximum capacity.