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Name: Tina Nicolaidis, left and Estelle Nicolaidis

Dirty Dancing, the musical is headed our way. Hairspray has just hit the big screen. And Dancing With The Stars and So You Think You Can Dance are hits on the small screen. When did dance-mania take over?

Who knows, but for 20-something-year-old sisters Tina and Estelle Nicolaidis, business has never been better. The pair run City Dance Corps, a dance studio located at 539 King St. W.

It’s a godsend for those with two left feet. Ditto for those gunning to shed a few pounds by picking up the latest dance moves. It’s also a stress-relieving, morale-boosting haven for companies infected with cold cubicle culture.

Referring to their corporate workshops, Estelle says, “business owners and human resource managers were looking for a way to raise morale within their teams and give them a break from their desks, and they asked if we’d lead employees through a fun and interactive dance class.”

City Dance opened its doors in 2002. Together with business partner Jerome Jean-Gilles, the trio funded and built the company from scratch. From an empty warehouse arose a modern, open concept loft-like space now filled with dance-aholics on a daily basis. The business now boasts 15 instructors with classes in hip hop, break dancing, ballet, belly dancing, jazz, tap, and its specialty: Salsa.

“Salsa, hands down, (is the sexiest of the lot),” says Tina. “It’s all about being in sync, getting close and moving well together, which produces a sexy chemistry between partners.”

Classes range from $13 upwards. Package rates are also available. Class size ranges from 12 to 22 people.

Still skeptical? Rest assured, your feet are in good hands.

Tina and Estelle have over 18 years of training in classical ballet with the Royal Academy of Dance. They perform around the globe, choreograph and produce shows, have won awards, and have grooved with stars like Patti LaBelle,

Jocelyn Brown and Andre Benjamin of OutKast.

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