I come from a long line of petite women so I am on speed dial for what to wear.



Name: Christa MacLellan

Age: 24

Occupation: Petite Fashion Stylist

Eva Longoria, Reese Witherspoon, Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Natalie Portman, Paula Abdul and Kylie Minogue all have something in common: They're petite and they're all red carpet peacocks when it comes to flashing off their flair for fashion.

So is Christa MacLellan, who is 5'2 and has made it her business to offer fashion tips to women under 5'4.

The 24-year-old pens a blog, www.petitefashionista.com., that attracts 500-plus hits a week from women across Canada and the U.S. seeking fashion advice.

Fashion brands like Maskat Brown and Joe's jeans get MacLellan's thumbs up on the blog as do various cosmetics and accessories brands.

Web writing aside, MacLellan also works as a private stylist. Clients range from women in need of one-time makeovers to others in need of complete wardrobe overhauls.

I come from a long line of petite women so I am on speed dial for what to wear, says MacLellan.

For starters, she says petite women afraid of being perceived as cute in the office should opt for classic cuts and sophisticated styling.

Hem skirts three inches above, at or below your knee, suggests MacLellan. This will help elongate your look. Low-rise pants, similarly, add length to your torso. Wearing your hair in a high bun or ponytail can also add height, she adds.

Shopping, writing, Internet research, combing through magazines, networking with companies, attending fashion shows and product launches, sponsoring events - it sounds like quite the fabulous life, but not so 12 years ago.

My dream to become a runway model was crushed at 12 when I stopped growing. I decided if I couldn't be a model, I would dress them and find my place in the world of fashion, says MacLellan, who, at 18, hopped on the first train to Toronto from Amherstburg, Ont., to study fashion design and management.

Next on MacLellan's career list is to design her own line of dresses, as well as produce a fashion event for petites.

LAWRENCE CHAU for metro toronto