Richard Dur
Self-employed with a Calgary communications firm specializing in campaigns.

No. 1 issue: “Eliminate wasteful spending.”
Why run? “To bring common sense conservatism to city hall.”


Peter Demong
Business owner.

No. 1 issue: “Accountability, cost control and transparency.”

Why run? “If I ran my business the way city hall has been run, I would be bankrupt or in jail or both. There are far too many career politicians, and I want to make term limits a reality. I would just like to see some accountability, cost control and transparency.”


Shawn Kao
Director, information technology.

No. 1 issue: “Balancing fiscal responsibility with future infrastructure requirements and other city programs.”

Why run? “I believe we need to have people who want to do the job, not just have the job. My wide-spectrum skill set, as well as my even-handed personality, will give city council someone who researches all issues, establishes two-way communications with constituents and works well with others.”


Linda Fox-Mellway
Ward 14 alderman.

No. 1 issue: Infrastructure Why run? “I still have so many coals in the fire and things to get done. There are lots of community priorities that I need to come back and get things done for them.”


Ken Gerelus
Baby boomer.

No. 1 issue: “If you don’t have a GPS unit you’re not going to find your way through Calgary. … There’s very little money, and they’re not addressing our transporta­tion needs in the southeast.”

Why run? “I met the candidates and was disappointed with their quali­fi­­­­­cations. Instead of complaining, I decided to run.”

Bill Tummonds

No. 1 issue: “Transporta­­tion; specifically the SE LRT and ring road, and MacLeod Trail improvements south of Anderson Road.”

Why run? “After 15 years with Linda Fox-Mellway, it's time for a change at city hall. Ward 14 needs new and fresh ideas to help the city grow.”