The leaking of thousands of highly classified U.S. government diplomatic cables by Wikileaks earned whistle-blowing website founder Julian Assange a number of nominations as Metro readers’ man of the year.

One reader declared Assange’s actions to be the “spirit of the first amendment in glorious action,” while another reader said the diplomatic storm caused by the leaks meant Assange had to be the Man of the Year because of his effect on the news headlines — even though the reader would have loved to have wiped the smile off Assange’s face personally.

A new nominee over the weekend was U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning, the man charged with handing over to Wikileaks many of the embarrassing secrets now causing such diplomatic mayhem.

First lady Michelle Obama gathered more nominations as our readers’ Woman of the Year, as did Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Sarah Palin.

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