For all the credit card–bearing, name-brand-buying, payment-plan-using, non-cash-carrying consumers out there, this message is for you: it doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you don’t learn how to keep it, you’ll never be rich.


One of the primary reasons people go bankrupt or don’t have savings is due to improper cash-flow management.


Studies have shown that most self-made millionaires believe keeping a meticulous budget is the best tool a person can used to build net worth. To get started, open up a spreadsheet. Now, identify and add up all sources of monthly income.


Then, identify your expenses — big and small.

Without sounding like a cereal commercial, take the Four-Week Challenge. Keep all your receipts for four weeks — from the pack of gum to the tools you bought at the hardware store.

The Four-Week Challenge will reveal how shockingly expensive little things can be. Then, consider cutting back on expenses that don’t help build your bottom line.

True millionaires have become wealthy through self-discipline and living within their means; not through spending foolishly to bolster their image.