fort hood shooting Military personnel wait for a press conference to begin at Ft. Hood, Texas, April 2, 2014.
Credit: Reuters

The gunman behind Wednesday's tragic shooting at Fort Hood has been identified by security officials as Army Specialist Ivan Lopez. Three victims died and sixteen were wounded before the soldier turned the gun on himself and taking his life. But who was the man behind the gun? Here's what you need to know about Lopez.

1. Lopez had a family: Lopez left behind a wife and family. Though multiple sources have confirmed his identity, officials waited to officially announce it because they wanted to reach his family first.

2. He was mentally ill: Lopez was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder and was being treated for depression and anxiety.

3. He served in Iraq: Lopez served four months in Iraq for four months in 2011. The New York Times reports that there were indications that Lopez had self-reported a "traumatic brain injury" after his return.


4. He was only in Fort Hood for a short time: Lopez arrived in Fort Hood in February from another installation, reports the Times.

5. He was an active duty soldier: Lopez was still an active duty soldier and worked as a truck driver in the 1st Infantry Division, reports ABC.

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