The weekend saw a dramatic turnaround in the public voting for Metro’s Man of the Year event. An influx of votes, measured in the hundreds, for President Barack Obama now means he has a marginal lead over Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, as the man Metro readers think has affected the news headlines the most in 2011.

But Assange is a mere handful of votes behind — with more than 6,000 votes now recorded via e-mail, text poll and online at Even the Chilean miners remain within touching distance.

Meanwhile, in the Woman of the Year vote, first lady Michelle Obama has a healthy lead over Sarah Palin — she now leads by more than 200 votes overall. The third nominee, Kim Kardashian, attracted a lot of support at the nomination stage — but she seems to have exhausted your patience ever since. In the final voting, she’s hardly on the radar.

How to vote

To vote for a Man or Woman of the Year, send your vote to

Text 89800 using the following letters to indicate your vote:

A. Barack Obama
B. Julian Assange
C. Chilean miners
D. Michelle Obama
E. Sarah Palin
F. Kim Kardashian

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