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Who wore it best? The NFL Draft or the Royal Wedding?

The British aristocracy or the athletic elite — who's got more sartorial splendor?

On Thursday we may have called both the NFL Draft and the Royal Wedding embarrassments to our nation, but that was before we knew how fun they were!

One thing we did not know beforehand, but frankly should have guessed, was that both events would be positively saturated with sartorial splendor. Now let's compare them: Who wore it best?

Best Affectations: David Beckham or Nick Fairley?

Most Striking Red: Patrick Peterson or Prince William?

Best Unkempt Hair: Prince Harry or Blaine Gabbert?

Best Matching of Hat and Suit: Cam Jordan or Queen Elizabeth II?

Most Disgusting Hat: Princess Beatrice or Tyron Smith?

Best Bust: Cam Newton or Pippa Middleton?

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