Local tweeps were abuzz when the web acronym FML — f--k my life — was posted as part of a comment on Alberta Liberal Leader David Swann’s Twitter account yesterday.

But by the afternoon the politician himself tweeted that it was all a misunderstanding.

“Whoops! My assistant is using my old phone & accidentally sent out a tweet under my name.

He is stuck in the snow — not me! Apologies,” Swann tweeted three hours later.

Liberal spokesperson Neil Mackie confirmed the “funny mistake.”

“His assistant thought he had logged out of David’s Twitter and thought he was posting on his own as he is stuck in Edmonton weather,” Mackie said.

Social media expert Roger Kondrat said the blunder just makes Swann more human to those following him.

“If he did write it then people get a glimpse into the real person, and though he didn’t write it, I think it’s cool he didn’t delete it or it would seem like he is hiding something,” Kondrat said.

It was the second time a Twitter blunder occurred with Swann’s account. The first was a tweet about a festival Swann attended that was actually held a different weekend.

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