In a recent interview with Halifax-born actress Ellen Page, Jay Leno poked fun at the Inception star for mentioning her hometown too much.

But that didnt stop Leno from thinking Nova Scotia was a country.

“I talk about it so much that friends get mad,” said Page.

“They find it kind of annoying, because they’re always commenting on how much I talk about Halifax.”

In the June 15 interview, Leno asked Page to name three fun facts about Halifax.

Page managed to get two: the most bars per capita in North America, and the second largest ice-free harbour in the world.

“Is the country just small, so the harbour looks big?” quipped Leno, apparently oblivious to the fact that Nova Scotia is but a province in a larger nation.

“That could be it,” responded Page.

Perhaps Leno was referring to Canada as being small, not Nova Scotia. But surely he couldn’t think his northern neighbour, the second largest land mass in the world, is petite.


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