Why Aren't U.S. Teens Having Sex?

As anyone who has picked up a newspaper knows, kids today are having more sex than ever. Except when they're not.


As anyone who reads about rainbow parties and Silly Bandz knows, kids today are having more sex than ever. Except, apparently, that they're not?


According to new government research, more American teens and young adults are virgins than ever before. A study by the National Center for Health Statistics reports that among 15-24 year-olds questioned in the study, 27% of men and 29% of women had never had any sexual contact with another person, up from 22% of both genders back in 2002.


What could be behind this worrisome trend?


Are the alienating effects of technology to blame, with teens to be too wrapped up in staring at iridescent screens instead of having an actual experience with another living human person? Or could U.S. teens simply be getting uglier and less popular?

Neither, says sexuality researcher Debbie Roffman.

"More young people may be choosing to wait for a more quality sexual experience, knowing it is more likely to come with maturity, and/or greater involvement by parents in communicating about sexual values and decision-making and providing greater supervision and monitoring of their children's activities," Roffman told USA Today.

Whatever the actual reason, we're sure that no matter if teen sex is increasing or decreasing, we in the media will be trying to gin up outrage either way. (via The Awl)

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