While you were working, we learned why it's not "messed up" on SVU, got a lesson on wGetty Images

Why you can’t get drunk when Ice T says “that’s messed up” anymore.

According to a teacher in Oklahoma, all white people are racist. A student caught her lesson on video.

A woman is accusing Trump of groping her at a tennis tournament in 1998.

Say it ain’t so! Snoopy has been fired?


Donald Trump takes it back. Yes, he will accept the results of the election that he has been calling “rigged” —but only if he wins.

Too proud to pick a penny off of the ground? Don’t be! It might be worth $1,000.

Put down that face paint and those big shoes, Mississippi! Clowns have been banned from a county that runs along the Alabama state line.

U.S. appeals court upheldconviction for an al Qaeda publicist who recorded recruiting videos and taped the wills of some of the hijackers that crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

Muppets and puppets and Putin, oh my!

If you want to see what people are still saying about last night’s debate, check out Metro’s Election 2016: Social Buzz.

A jury is deliberatingthe fates of Ammon Bundy and six followers who took part in the 41-day wildlife refuge siege in Oregon earlier this year.

Nintendo wants to be the only game system in your heart, and hands, whether you’re playing at home or on the go. What’s the plan?

The U.S. implemented sanctions against businesses that assisted the Iranian-backed Hezbollah special forces.

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