On one hand the city is running an after-school program out of a youth music centre — on the other hand, the city revoked a licence for the same venue, according to the founders.

The New Black Art Centre — located in Inglewood on 9th Avenue SE — was operating for a year as a youth punk-rock studio, rehearsal centre and live music venue until last week when a complaint to the city resulted in the revoking of the licence, said co-founder Isaac Creasey.

“This is a place like no other in the city, and we’re doing it to give back to the community and provide a place for the youth to go,” said a disappointed Creasey. “It seems it’s one of those ‘not in my backyard’ type things.”

While they can still rehearse, Creasey said between 70 to 80 per cent of their revenue is live music and they may be forced to shut their doors — an outcome he considers ironic.

“We provide an afterschool program for kids here through the city and we teach kids music history and stuff.”

The City of Calgary’s chief licensing inspector, Kent Palliser, said the venue is licensed as a rehearsal studio but not a live music venue because of a zoning permit issue.

“They are complying but I understand the problem is stuck in the approval process right now,” he said, adding that they can appeal the decision.

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