The hottest entertainment locale in the city is one without lineups, cover charge or drink specials, where the patrons run the show.

Whyte Avenue is more than a row of 30 watering holes, it’s a destination where the street itself is a venue, one which officials are working to better and preserve.

“The worse you look, the worse people will treat you,” said Shirley Lowe, an Old Strathcona Business Association spokeswoman.

Community members met yesterday to discuss future initiatives to keep the outdoor venue safe, sustainable and hassle-free for every age group.

“We’ve lost sight of the fact that you aren’t entitled to come and get drunk and become rowdy,” said speaker Jim Peters.

“People have a responsibility for their own behaviour.”

Portable urinals will resurface on some corners and alleyways around the strip this summer. Lowe said the next logical step is permanent, covered outdoor bathrooms, which could become a reality within the next few years.

A pilot project for safe transportation out of the area will begin this September, in an attempt to cut down on battles for taxis around last call, and to curb drunk driving.

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