Pedestrians and vendors on Whyte Avenue this weekend showed you gotta have art.

Artistic inspiration flooded Whyte Avenue over the weekend in the 14th annual Art Walk.

Artists of all kinds were there to expose and sell their work to the public and other artists.

“We are really happy to see Whyte Avenue opened to pedestrians. We’d like to see it open more frequently, it’s a great use of the space,” said Laurre McCaffrey, with her two-year-old daughter who was enjoying bubbles being blown at one of the kiosks, as well as a lot of the food being sold.

She added that this is the first time she has been to the Art Walk because this is the first time she has heard of it.

There was a great diversity of art — not only in the varying styles of painting, but in the type of art, such as sculpting, music, and even a fashion show.

“I love the connection with the people on the street and you get to talk to your customers one on one which is great,” said Catherine Marchand, who came back for her fourth year, and was displaying her portrait artwork.

“I got people coming back year after year to look for me,” Marchand added. It’s a nice venue, it’s wonderful, the atmosphere, the music, all the other artists. It’s my highlight of the year.”

People seemed to continuously stop by Marchand’s setup in particular to compliment her on the beauty of her work. It is a chance for younger artists to get their names out.

“It allows me to sell most of my work, which would otherwise just sit around in my studio.”

said Rachael Rigaux, who recently graduated from fine arts at the U of A. “It allows other people to enjoy my art, and share what I see in art.”

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