The most remarkable athlete around is not Albert Pujols or David Ortiz and it is not Dwyane Wade and it is not Joe Thornton and it sure as heck is not Ricky Williams.


The most remarkable athlete around is a female who still is young enough to have zits and still not old enough to have a driver’s licence.


Michelle Wie is all of 16 but she is fiercely competitive and sharp enough to refrain from showing any crazed determination that could offend her older, male opponents. Make no mistake about this 6-foot-1 dynamo, though.


She’s proving that she can golf with Tiger and Phil and the rest of the big boys in a way that no young lady has competed in this male-dominated culture of sports. Considering that she has, say, another 50 years or so to prove herself in the ageless game of golf, then let’s just admit she’s well on her way to defying the odds and clearly en route to accomplishing her mission.


And despite what her many, mostly male detractors figured last week, she is by no means doomed. She’s just getting started. Last week, when she had to be carried out of the John Deere Classic after 27 holes because she was overheated, the Wie Whackers decided she wasn’t cut out for golfing against men. This is, of course, laughable. I mean, I have in my life seen grown men get overheated before, too. It happens.

And so it happened to Wie. Big deal. Call it Girl, Interrupted if you’d like, but don’t call it over. It’s just the beginning.

Think about it. At 16, Wie already has finished in the top five of six Grand Slam events. To accomplish that much at such a young age is incredible. When she learns how to putt better — she’s young and devoted enough to progress in that area — she’ll even win a major. Against men.

Listen, don’t knock Michelle Wie for getting too hot last week. Respect her for how hot she’s going to become on the men’s golf tour.

• Don’t expect catcher Bengie Molina to be back with the Blue Jays next season unless he takes a pay cut.

While he’s contributed this season, he hasn’t excited the Toronto bossmen enough that they’d be willing to pick up his $7.5 million US option.

• And, within the next week, look for a CFL quarterback to stir it up by complaining about the footballs being used in the league this season.

This QB, a starter, believes the new balls are adversely affecting performances.

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