Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is recalling nine wiener products because they may contain traces of the Listeria bacteria.

The wieners are produced at a Maple Leaf facility in Hamilton under the Hygrade, Shopsy’s and Maple Leaf brand names.

The company says in a statement there have been no reported illnesses and this is a precautionary measure only.

The best-before dates on the recalled products range from Sept. 8 to Sept. 17. The dates, the number for the Hamilton plant “EST. 611” and Line 1 “L1” are on an inkjet stamp located on the edge of the packaging.

Dr. Randall Huffman, the chief food safety officer at Maple Leaf, says in a statement the company is now “ultra-cautious about Listeria.”

The Maple Leaf listeriosis outbreak last summer claimed 22 lives across Canada.