What could have been a tragic situation for a city couple was made easier thanks to a group of Calgary Transit passengers, says a Calgary woman grateful for the support.

Evelyn Jantunen and her husband Will were heading to work on the C-Train on Friday Aug. 28 around 7 a.m. when her husband collapsed to the floor.

After two men carried her husband off the train and onto the 8 St. SW platform, Jantunen was surprised to see at least six passengers also get off to offer assistance by picking up her husband’s briefcase and one man even bought two bottles of water.

“I was panicked and upset but everyone was so kind and offering support. It didn’t matter where they were going, they offered help,” Jantunen said, adding she didn’t get a chance to get anyone’s name.

“It was really moving and very touching and I just wanted them to know how grateful I am for their compassion.”

Jantunen wanted the helping passengers to know her husband was brought to hospital but everything was OK.

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