Playing new style computer games can help people burn up a significant amount of calories, research has found, BBC News Online reports.


Games consoles such as Nintendo Wii require players to use body movements to control the action.


A study by Liverpool John Moores University found regular use could help shift 27 lbs (about 12 kg) a year.


The researchers compared activity levels during gaming using the Wii with those achieved using traditional seated joypad-controlled consoles. They found more active forms of gaming increased energy expenditure to a level that could help lose weight.


During 15 minutes of play using a traditional joypad operated console, energy expenditure increased above resting values by an average 60 per cent. In comparison, when using the Wii console, the participants’ energy expenditure increased 156 per cent above resting.

Based on the average gaming week of 12.2 hours, this translates to a potential 1,830 calories burned per week when using Wii.