It took months of convincing those within the Canadian Soccer Association politically opposed to the idea of a national division two league, but it now appears the CSA is finally ready to commence its D2 feasibility study.


Canadian Soccer News has learned that the CSA executive will meet this Wednesday to finalize the details on the study's scope and it's expected that an announcement on who will lead the study will come shortly after.


Sources within the CSA have been tight lipped about the identity of the man charged with defining a blueprint for Canadian professional soccer's next direction, but they did confirm that he hails from an academic background, has a depth of experience in sports business and soccer and he is also said to reside in B.C. - which, given the current climate, is politically interesting as much as it is anything.


It is unclear how long the study is expected to take, but the CSA moratorium on D2 teams in Canada is set to expire Sept. 30, 2011. At that point, teams interested in playing in US-based D2 leagues could once again begin applying for sanctioning within Canada.


If you need further background on this story and how it came about you can go here.


But what do you think? Does Canada need its own national league to assist development? Or, for better or worse, are we tied to the U.S. system for good?