Move over Boardwalk and Park Place!

Burlington wants a coveted spot in the latest Canadian edition of Monopoly.

Miffed at being shut out of the top 65, the city hopes to gather enough votes to nail a wild-card spot in the newest edition of the board game.

Hasbro Canada — maker of the game — has announced a cross-country challenge, asking Canadians to vote for their favourite city to appear on the board. The only catch is that it has pre-selected 65 cities, including Mississauga and Toronto.

But Mayor Cam Jackson thinks Burlington deserves a place on the board. So he’s asking residents to nominate their city for one of two “wild-card” places.

Hasbro will conduct an initial vote for the top 20 and a second vote for the top-10 wild-cards. Voting ends Feb. 21.

“As one of the best Canadian cities to live in … Burlington should definitely claim a piece of real estate on the Canadian Monopoly board,” Jackson said. “I would like to encourage residents to go online and help Burlington claim our spot in board game history.”