You could say that life’s pretty good these days for Blue Bloods star Will Estes.

“I’ve always loved to be in New York, and I’ve actually always wanted to play a cop, so this was sort of the culmination of the two for me,” he laughs. “If I can’t be happy now, there’s no hope for me.”

Season 2 of the procedural following a family of NYPD officers premiered last month, and Estes tells us his character, Jamie, is going to be taking on some sly new detective work this year.

“Early on in the season my character is doing some plainclothes work, trying to see if a bar is serving alcohol to underage minors, and ends up connecting with a guy whose family has connections with organized crime,” he says. “It makes me a candidate to try and get closer to an organized crime family, so I’m very looking forward to doing undercover work.”


He’s also looking forward to more work with his on-screen brother, a Marine-turned-detective played by Donnie Wahlberg.

“I love doing scenes with Donnie because his character’s so different than mine,” Estes says. “Jamie’s a really smart guy. He was lucky enough, smart enough to go to Harvard and graduate with a law degree. He’s an interesting counterpoint, I think, to Donnie’s character, Danny, [who has a] ‘get it done,’ humble, bullheaded personality.”

Their father and the city’s police commissioner is played by Tom Selleck, and Estes says the veteran actor is a a dream to work with. “He’s one of the most gracious, professional people that I’ve ever worked with,” he says of Selleck.

Although he plays a bad-guy-busting cop, Estes enjoys a quiet life off the set.

“I’m such a nerd,” he says. “I bought this great juicer and I’m making my own juices at home. It’s a whole process. I’m kind of a health food nut.”

First a cop, next an entrepreneur? “I thought about opening a bar where people could do shots of raw cold pressed ginger. I think half the fun of doing a shot is it’s kinda hard to do, and doing a shot of raw cold pressed ginger is just as hard as doing a shot of tequila. I think there might be a market for it.”

Blue Bloods airs Friday nights on CTV.

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