Could 2006 runner-up in CAA poll take ’o7 title, despite plans?

“There will be portions (of Limebank) that may still be in consideration (for the title).”

Starting Monday, Limebank Road will take another run at being named Ontario’s worst road.


Last year the stretch of south Ottawa road was runner-up in a poll of the province’s worst roads, conducted by the Canadian Automobile Association. And while the road is slated to be fixed, the work is only starting, leaving it in much the same condition as last year and a contender to hold — or even improve on — its 2006 title.

“Unfortunately there will be portions that may still be in consideration (for the title),” agreed Wade Clouthier, Ottawa’s manager of construction service for development.

Last year only Cardwell St. in the Township of Assiginack was considered a worse road to drive than Limebank. But relief is coming, with Clouthier noting that roadwork is now underway.

Ultimately, the city plans to turn Limebank into a four-lane divided, main southern traffic artery, easing traffic on River Road.

“Limebank comes off on this funny angle off of River Road,” he said. “This intersection will change the alignment, the River Road will turn into Limebank. We’re going to be changing the whole traffic pattern.”

With a provincial election looming, the CAA and the Ontario Road Builders’ Association view the poll as a chance to convince provincial leaders and candidates that gas tax dollars should be spent to repair local roads and bridges.

“Any motorist who has ever had to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix damage caused to their vehicles by a bad road knows the true costs of driving on neglected roads and bridges,” said Kris Barnier, Provincial Affairs Specialist CAA Ontario.

Motorists can cast their online votes for Ontario’s nastiest roads at Results will be announced in October.

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