Island Pinot Gris 2006


Who: Winchester Cellars


What: Island Pinot Gris 2006

Where: Saanich Peninsula, Vancouver Island

Why: This lovely Pinot Gris was blended from four vineyards on Vancouver Island’s Saanich Peninsula, 20 minutes or so from downtown Victoria. This wine is a perfect example of how a sum can be greater than its parts — each vineyard lot featured different terroir and flavour characteristics — and they melded into a stylish sipper that speaks of the Peninsula as a whole. This is Winchester’s inaugural Island Gris — slightly pinkish in hue, with creamy pear, river mineral notes and fresh lemony citrus.

How (much): $19 specialty stores and winery

When: Pick up some of this as soon as you can — the production is very limited and it will be scooped fast — as are all of Winchesters lauded wines. This Island Gris is being released in Vancouver this week. Pair with shellfish or lighter salmon dishes.

Winespeak of the Week: Pinot Gris is the same grape as Pinot Grigio, as it is traditionally called in Italy. Gris is the French term for grey, referring to the greyish-pink hue of the grape.