While the launch of Wind Mobile in Calgary appears imminent, some loyal Calgarians are happy with their current cellular provider.

Wind Mobile, which was given the go-ahead to enter the cellphone market on Friday, will launch first in Toronto and Calgary and later in Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver with the goal of having a presence across Canada, except Quebec.

Though it has piqued his interest, Calgarian Troy Heibein won’t make the switch.

“I can assure you that I will be sticking with my current provider,” said Heibein, who claims his BlackBerry is essential.

“The odd infuriating incident that comes when dealing with the archaic big three is not enough for me to move my lifeline of the world to someone new just yet.”

Calgarian Janet Waye is intrigued by the potential for a cell provider to have a better package for her needs, but will stay on the sidelines for now.

“I’m becoming more and more dependent on my BlackBerry and would like to see better options for the social-techies like me. I would definitely take a leap ... should the right opportunity arise,” Waye said.

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