More projects will be developed

Ontario is preparing to lift a controversial moratorium on the development of offshore wind projects in the Great Lakes that has been in place for nearly 14 months, the Toronto Star has learned.



An official within the Ministry of Natural Resources says the department is "getting ready" to make an announcement and new minister Donna Cansfield is "anxious to demonstrate leadership in the area."


Jamie Rilett, a spokesperson in Cansfield’s office, confirmed the ministry is currently revisiting the moratorium. He said a decision would be made "shortly."

Industry sources also confirmed the lifting of the moratorium is imminent.

The ministry put a halt to all offshore development in November 2006 to give the government more time to study the potential environmental impact of such projects on bats, butterflies, aquatic species and bird migration routes.

clean electricity

  • Offshore wind energy offers significant opportunities in the Great Lakes. According to one study by Helimax Energy Inc., the strong and consistent winds typically over the lakes could generate up to 47,000 megawatts of clean electricity — nearly double Ontario’s existing power capacity.