Trees will ‘be back in a century’ or so

Wawmeesh G. Hamilton/metro Vancouver


A loader donated by Finning clears debris at Prospect Point in Stanley Park yesterday.

Stanley Park’s tranquility was broken yesterday morning by the grunt of heavy machinery as cleanup logging began in the city’s crown jewel.

“It’s sad to see in a way,” said Enzo D’Angelo, Finning general manager for Surrey and Vancouver Island. “It’ll all be back in a century though, that’s nature.”

The machines are beginning to clear an estimated 10,000 trees blown down by a powerful windstorm that swept through Stanley Park last winter.

The downed trees caused a safety issue between Prospect Point and Third Beach.

“We need to stabilize the slope before we can start begin rebuilding the Seawall,” said hard-hat and work-boot clad Ian Robertson, Park Board chair.

Two loading machines were donated by Finning to do the work.

The value of the donation is estimated at $70,000.

The cost of the cleanup is being underwritten by the $9-million dollar Stanley Park restoration budget.

Robertson said 25 per cent of the trees are to remain on the forest floor for biomass and habitat purposes.

Another 25 per cent is for cultural purposes, and the remaining 50 per cent is to be sold and the proceeds invested in a legacy fund.

Environmentally friendly

  • The loaders used by the log cleanup crew run on biodiesel.

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