With Rosh Hashanah next week, the sales of kosher wines are sure to increase. Kosher wines are made with Sabbath-observant Jews present during all aspects of the wine’s creation. To be approved as a kosher wine for consumption during Passover, the same applies but there can’t be any dough, bread or grain near the winery.

With these rules, you’d think kosher wines would wind up tasting processed. In the past, many did. Inferior grapes were often used to make wines that were simple, sweet and inevitably more drinkable by a wider audience of orthodox Jews.

Times have changed, with Israel a leader in kosher wine. Israeli wines are rich and textured, with the Yarden 2009 Mount Hermon Red ($16.95 - $22.00) a New World inspired triple-blend that balances its berry burst with a nice undercurrent of ripe tannin.

As good as Israeli wines are, kosher wines are made around the world.


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