Electric heater, rugs keep RV warm and cosy

Taking the RV out for a winter spin can be an inexpensive way to bond with family, says Joan Dolder, mother of four and avid RVer.


Most RV owners take their vehicles out on the road in summer, but there are benefits associated with winter RVing, says Joan van Dolder, an Edmonton mother of four and avid RVer.

For one thing, you have access to a quieter environment because campsites aren’t as busy as in the summer, van Dolder says in a release issued by Go RVing Canada, an industry organization.

Also, winter RVing is an inexpensive way to bond with family while being active.

“At home, my kids aren’t outside as much as I like them to be, but when we are winter RVing, and they have all that open space, they dress warmly in the morning and only come in the RV every once in a while to eat or to curl up with a hot chocolate,” van Dolder says.

Van Dolder has written a book titled RVing With Kids Twelve Months A Year: The How-To Book Of Family RVing, which she plans to self-publish in February.

She says precautions need to be taken when RVing in winter, especially with kids. Van Dolder suggests keeping the RV warm and cosy by turning on an electric heater and throwing a rug on the floor.

Also, she advises against attempting to RV in extremely cold temperatures, such as -30 C. But with appropriate clothing and preparations, she said her family enjoys RVing as long as the daytime high is at least -15 C.

Wayne Robillard of Ottawa Camping Trailers says people interested in winter RVing should check with their dealers first to see how suitable their vehicle is for colder weather.

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