If you like snow, this is a bad news story.

Environment Canada released its winter predictions yesterday and it looks like every region of Nova Scotia will be either normal or warmer than normal in the next three months.

“But people should not get the impression you’re getting off scot-free,” said David Phillips, senior climatologist with Environment Canada. “It means by the end of the December, if we’re right, it will be warmer than normal another month.”

La Nina’s warm waters made it all the way to Halifax, which makes for a weaker winter.

It will be a slow start to winter, but there will be snow and storms ahead, he promised.

“There’s a feeling out there that oh boy, are we going to pay for this? Nature is going to clobber us,” he said, adding reassuringly there is no allotment of winter days.

By this time, Halifax should have had 17 centimetres of snow and we’ve only had five centimentres — way less (and warmer) than Victoria, B.C.

“You want that easing in because it reminds people to get their snow tires on, find out where their snow pants and scrapers are and winterize the car. If you get dumped with a Paul Bunyan snowfall it creates the chaos.”

It’s sad news indeed for John Cameron, general manager of the Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia. He said he’s sure there will be some good snow spots in the province this winter.

“Some people will be very disappointed but I’m optimistic and I’ll do my snow dance a little harder.”